About Us

About Us

CVM the trade mark for Chuah Valves Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

Established in 1920, CVM has grown to be a reputable manufacturer for butterfly valves in Malaysia.  These valves are widely used in the Northern states of Peninsular Malaysia.  Large quantity of CVM valves are also used in Sri Lanka under Asian Development Bank projects.

CVM valves can be used in water works (treatment plants and distribution), sewerage works, air conditioning, fire fighting, shipbuilding and chemical plants,  CVM offers a wide variety of wafer, u-section and double flanged butterfly valves in accordance to BS EN 593 which covers a full range of sizes DN40 to DN2000.  Also available are triple offset metal seated butterfly valves.  They are trouble free and low torque operation is supported by robustly designed compact gear boxes.

Also available are eccetnri9c ball valves (meal seated), flat valves and knifegate valves.  New butterfly penstock is our latest product.



Company History

–  Involved in the manufacture and supply.

1920     Bronze iron for household use.

1950     Bronze propeller for ships.

1960     Cast iron components for tin mining industry.

1970     Gate valves.

1980     Smaller range of butterfly valves for HVAC industry.

1990     Larger range of butterfly valves for water and sewerage works.

2000     Supply butterfly valves to water works throughout Malaysia and Export to world market.



Our Goal

CVM will continue to produce reliable valves that will not fail under difficult situation.

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